Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mid-week Blues - Three Word Wednesday

This dog is caught head mid-shake which is sort of like mid-week. But at least if you are head shaking like that rotating your neck around from side to side you are not thinking much, not at that moment. You can test this. It's sort of like sneezing. Pretty much everything else comes to a stop.

Mid-week Blues

Been quite a morning
what with all the nostalgia
flooding the entire
basement to my knees.

Wrote down history and broke
into tears at least

I'm not all blunt
not these days - nor am I drunk.
I admit to this:
I am lethargic
and I can't keep up with you
as you dart about.

December 10, 2014 10:33 AM

Written for Thom's Three Word Wednesday. Click on the link to reach the blog site and the contributors' links.
This week's words:
Blunt; Drunk; Lethargic.


  1. There was a critical few years in my life, with a before period from my birth to those times and the rest of my life after them. Information about people critical to those times appeared and the morning was spent anchoring that information before this poem was written. The poem is referring to that process of cherished memory and cherished events and loved people. I am speaking of a man named Paul Zeigler, a man known to, befriended, and employed by certain members of the San Francisco music scene. Also involved, a now almost invisible band called Weird Herald, and some music venues, the Brass Knocker, The Shelter, and while not mentioned in the morning process, a music venue and bar in the Santa Cruz mountains called the Chateau Liberte. Members of the San Francisco music scene went there to jam and get really really high. The primary guy who supplied the green bud (as it never was called back then) at the Chateau was a business partner of mine in ill gotten gains. I knew of these music guys in other ways from before. If it wasn't for Paul, I would never have learned to play guitar. I learned by stealing his stuff while he performed.

  2. Sometimes lethargy has a pause our and take stock..remember the important people who formed the very best sides of us...the best artists 'steal' from others as they say..

    1. Actually you have to. The art in you demands to leap past the mindless exercises assigned to new musicians to fully formed works. The only way is to see, hear, feel the whole thing all at once and take it into memory entire so you can work with and against that template. If you don't have that memory capacity, then you have to return again and again to catch little pieces as you need them.

      I nearly lost my music still born because I had no model in front of me I could relate to. But throughout my life one form or another was dynamic at critical moments. But from the mid seventies to the early nineties the music went into limbo anyway. A non-musical marriage nearly took music away from me.

    2. I am glad you have it back Christopher..we all need that special something that we can express ourselves through to make life all the better

    3. Well... I am a double winner because I have this poetry as well as the music. Both of them were midwived by the love of women. One woman each. And back to back, really. The first gave me someone to write to for a couple years. The next gave me active participation in choirs, both church and in school to go along with the rest. That anchored music for me. Then after that absence of women midwived the poetry blog with the extra time in my life. LOL.


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