Sunday, November 16, 2014


Jimmy Carter, The Nobel Peace Prize Lecture

This is how I think too. I have thought this way since the sixties. In high school I thought differently and went to West Point after, but I changed. I am stained by the wars my country has fought through my life and through my family before my life too. A war may not be necessary no matter how many politicians try to say it is. And war is always an evil no matter how many politicians and generals say it is not.

However I am skeptical rather than a pacifist. I would fight an invader, for example. Sometimes one must marry what is evil on this planet, accept the stain of it and move on.

But just because I have to engage does not absolve me from evil. Knowing that clarifies things.

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  1. I live in a land
    Where we see no evil
    Hand to eyes
    It is no suprise
    What has happned
    I live in a land
    Where we speak no evil
    Hand to mouth
    There is no doubt
    About it
    I live in a land
    Where we hear no evil
    Hand to ear
    No way to hear
    What might be happening
    I live in a land where it may be true
    All those things will be missconstrued
    In the cause of the greater good


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