Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Wolf Hound - A Red Wolf Poem

The Wolf Hound
(for Stella, a very sweet girl)

The bad wolf retired,
became a hound, changed his sex,
became a bitch, learned to
wag, smile and learned cute
moves designed to please humans.

She grew curly black
hair frosted with white
but kept her strong barrel chest
and nimble long legs,
and taste for the chase,
mainly those squirrels she meets
in the parks.

She's found
a good home with stairs
and doors and three floors in all.

The other day she met
Red in the park but
Red failed to remember her,

Wolf gave a wide grin.

‎November ‎26, ‎2014 6:26 PM

Written For Red Wolf Poems on this week's theme of doing something with fairy tales. Click on the link to get instructions, read the comments and find links to other takes on the assignment. You will have to scroll up to get the instructions.

Red Wolf


  1. That's a friendly incarnation of wolf. Nice echo.

  2. Wolf gave a wide grin... oooh, watch out Red.


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