Monday, November 24, 2014

Not Much Left

Tank action at Hill 85 on Okinawa near the end of World War II.

Not Much Left

It got too bloody,
too big, a goddam black tank
clanking and driving
right over my heart
and jamming me down down down,
smashing me into
all that left over
rubble from making those walls
that have boxed me in.
I'm sorry. I just don't
have much of anything left.
I think it's past time.

October 15, 2010 9:54 AM

Never before published but over four years old... I have no idea what this was about now. That's a good lesson on how it all passes. I was still working in those days. Perhaps something happened at work.

These days there are people in my life who are making trips to hospitals for serious things. A friend has just informed me her horse will be put down tomorrow at age 30. An insurmountable medical problem. My heart clenches up. WTF. Wait. This is all normal. I will see sunshine and rainbows tomorrow. Today is for how hard it can be.

Only. I have other friends who have retired to a part of the world they hoped to get to. They just posted how happy they are. So the truth is we must sit together on the smae bench, some rejoicing, some grieving and most just trying to get along right now. While someone cries openly, someone else cracks a joke and a few go off to take in a movie. Most have to go back to work but some don't.

The trees have lost the summer.

Me too. It's on the verge of winter for me.

The cat and the dog are both napping with full bellies. I will soon be called to dinner, I believe.

This is Monday. On Thursday there will be a Thanksgiving celebration. I will give thanks. This is all normal.

An M-4 Sherman tank with a "rhino plow" attached in front has just punched its way through a Norman hedgerow. This image from the war in Europe, World War II in France.

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