Monday, November 10, 2014

Tread Lightly On His Salt - A Red Wolf Poem

Tread Lightly On His Salt

Give him some damn slack!
Don't incinerate the time
and leave the space free
of silver shiners.

He don't tolerate shallow
fools lightly so if
you must insist still
on elaborate lamp stands
for the state candle
he will revoke you
and then perforate his wine
glass so it leaks red
on your next letter
of demands.

Don't drop your stuff
in that cold fireplace
or exasperate
him any further if you
know what's good for you.

‎November ‎10, ‎2014 10:07 AM

This poem was composed utilizing the 13 words on offer at the We Wordle 30 post of Red Wolf Poems.

Red Wolf


  1. Such an intriguing portrait you've created! Nicely done, Christopher.

  2. I'm just thinking of an elaborate lamp stand.


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