Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I May Not Be Much - Three Word Wednesday

Each week on Three Word Wednesday, Thom offers up three words to guide the creative process of those who care to participate in the exercise. The participants write whatever they choose incorporating the three words (or not perhaps, or one or two) and then use Mr. Linky to link back to their creative sites, adding their identification to the list found on the Three Word Wednesday site. Click Here

Thom has been doing this so long that the count has reached 400 weeks. That's well over 7 and a half years. As he wrote, it is also 1200 words at three per week.

This week the words are:
Devastate; Gossamer; Plummet.

I May Not Be Much
But I Am All I Think About

The sun will rise up.
It will devastate the dark
crannies of the night
with implacable light.
This always happens.

spin their gossamer
dew lapped webs between
the tiny green fresh faced twigs.

I see that with my
eagle eyes as I
plummet to the mossy place,
(unerring this time
not like other times)
that place You made for us all.

I like to think You
made it just for me.
I shiver a bit knowing
that is not the truth.

November 5, 2014 3:04 PM


  1. Wow, i had to look up alot of words on that one. That's alright..........i lyke it.

  2. You really made the words work for you and us. Lovely.

  3. I love the picture...i think it especially illuminates the last line..though of course i am sure there is something much more underneath the (cat) fluff...

  4. I shiver a bit knowing
    that is not the truth.

    The truth certainly hurts. Sometimes it just isn't fair! Great lines Christopher!


  5. ..."devastate the dark" - great! Glad I found this through 3WW. :)


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