Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Flower Gun - A Magpie Tale

Tess Kincaid offers this as a writing prompt, image credit: Dick Blick Art

Go here for the Magpie Tales site

I have no idea who this Dick Blick is. I can't Google because I am overwhelmingly offered the websites of a major Art Supply Company which carries the Dick Blick name. One of it's big storefronts is local to me in the Portland Area. It is a global internet art supply outlet as well. Perhaps one of these pages is what Tess means.

The Flower Gun

The first time I saw
the flower gun I was curled
in a hole I dug
(we all dug damn holes)
in the hillside soil beneath
the dead stumps of trees.

That guy stood as if
inviolate and so sure
he would remain so.

He pulled and colors
spewed in streamers up the hill
and coated all of it
in a hot second.

Then all those guys jumped right up
shaking it all off
just as best they could
but they fell technicolor
anyway, cartoons
of their former selves.

Me, I stared aghast hoping
they didn't have that
gun too.

‎November 2, ‎2014 7:22 PM


The chicken crossed the road. That's poultry in motion.

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