Sunday, August 19, 2012

Under Windsor Bridge, A Magpie Tale

Wiki says:
"Windsor Bridge or Windsor Town Bridge, is a road bridge over the River Thames between the towns of Windsor and Eton in the English county of Berkshire. It now only carries pedestrian and cycle traffic, and crosses the Thames just above Romney Lock.

"It is likely that the first bridge on this site was built in the 12th century AD. By 1172 it is recorded that Osbert de Bray derived over £4 from tolls levied on vessels passing beneath the bridge. In 1242, permission was granted for oak trees to be felled in Windsor Forest for the purpose of constructing a new bridge between Windsor and Eton. By 1819 the wooden bridge, presumably rebuilt many times over its life, had deteriorated and it was decided to build a new bridge in new materials.

"Construction on the current bridge was started in 1822 and it opened on June 1, 1824."

Under Windsor Bridge - 1912
by Adolphe Valette
courtesy Tess Kincaid

A Painter's Life
Under Windsor Bridge In The Early Morning

soupy this morning, chappie.
Look at him checking
out his barge as if
he could do something from here.
Can you imagine
how hard it is to
manage oils in this weather?
It really sucks!

August 19, 2012 12:16 PM


  1. I enjoyed the history lesson before your nice twist on the image!

  2. i like the soupy and i also like the end a lot

    tnx for the history lesson

    BTW, most people who do these link turn off their verification because people do tons of comments and verification is hard to read, you often have to do it more than once, and it takes up so much time. you will certainly get more comments if you turn it off.

    under windsor bridge senryu

  3. huh interesting bit of history...kinda funny thought in your verse as well...i imagine it not too easy at all but then again maybe the weather helped a bit...smiles.

  4. Nice history and, yes I'd imagine the job would be a tough one

  5. Pea soup! Love the info on the Windsor Bridge...

  6. I do not wish to offend or irritate anyone. I realize word verification is sometimes difficult and many people do not seem to have trouble with spammers but I have and I presume still would, this because I post nearly every day on such a wide range of information. Most spam is generated by some kind of keyword robot as I understand it. I still get it rarely even with word verification but it is caught in the comments to old posts. Spamming cost me one post about my family before I understood how to use word verification. Now I am unwilling to turn off word verification.

  7. Thank goodness a clean air policy has seen off those 'Pea Souper' days.

  8. Love the use of "chappie" here. Really adds to the feel of your piece.


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  11. Well, crayons could work, but oh the finish wouldn't be so cool! Thanks for sharing a photo of the area around this lovely bridge for our theme this week. I did read some info already about it, but your info was great too! Thanks for sharing!


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