Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In The Cold Corners

In the timid small wind reaching from the cold corners does the tree offer small rustlings in reply to my first austerity. And what is that on the ground? Looks like a dog, I guess, but who would have a such a large dog without open country? No, that is my first austerity lying there.

In The Cold Corners

They did not get it,
nor me - under gird in my
first austerity.
I stand alone here
except for the small rustlings
in the cold corners
of the holy ghost
who drifts in dry midwinter
shades, your last wan gifts.

May 2, 2010 9:23 AM

"under gird in my first austerity" - gird: to encircle or bind with a flexible band such as a belt. Thus "under gird" can mean two things, "insufficiently girded" or "there is a rotund condition under which there is a band or belt holding things". "First austerity" either the most important one or one of at least a few. Thus this phrase can have at least four meanings. I don't care which you choose.

Also, I guess the one standing alone does not find the presence of the holy ghost much comfort, and you who have given wan gifts - were they the small rustlings (more likely I suppose) or the dry midwinter shades (themselves either the hues painting the holy ghost or the other ghosts who travel with the holy ghost)? Hmmm. I suppose you could have provided the cold corners as well...

Sorry I am so ambiguous. I fear I am not helping. Just what the fuck do I mean? I just write this shit. Go bother someone else. Oh wait. Go in peace, pilgrim.

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