Thursday, August 30, 2012

Initiation - Reprise

Here is a meeting that can cause trouble. Let us say that a person is somehow essential to God's plan or otherwise extraordinarily worth saving from the Divine point of view. God has to come near to effect this work. It would feel accidental on the human side and would be purposeful on the Divine side. It is here that people speak up and say, "See the face of God and die" Wow.

What I mean is, God seems to be as economical as possible when diddling with the human free will world for the simple and good reason that He needs to keep his compact with man that free will is real. Yet there is or seems to be a divine plan, a tendency. Most things can be done with many people interchangeably the architect of the work. Perhaps there are some things some of the time that are only one man's, such as perhaps Einstein's discoveries. These singularities need not be sensational. Probably most are basically ordinary and private yet distinctly divine in some aspect.

Perhaps then God indeed steps in and saves my ass or yours, but probably not. I am sure that people claim His presence in some overt way far more often than is real. Even after it really happens it is difficult to take seriously just because it is so rare.

This poem takes place in that neighborhood.


When you touched me so,
Changed that single wild moment
To a timeless one,
I had to somehow
Accommodate your presence
In my aimless life.

Do you realize how close
Terror is to joy, despair?

Ever since, I'm tasked
With somehow measuring up
To you this moment.
But first I fell far,
Landed hard, had to pick up
All my damn marbles.

Written December 12, 2008 3:39 PM
First posted March 18, 2009
Introductory words expanded August 30, 2012

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