Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tell The Truth - 3WW

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This week's words:

Affair; Expectation; Free

Tell The Truth

This is going to
hurt, that's what we said when we
began the affair.
Keeping the secret
uppermost, expectation
stuffed down as we could,
nothing but all in
was going to work. The next
two years, what it took
to get us both free.
Would I do that again, love?
Oh fuck yes, love, yes!

August 29, 2012 5:15 AM

I will say this is nothing but the truth, so help me. What I mean of course, would I do that again, if this were 1998 again and me who I was then, she who she was and all the same, the choice would never in a million years be different. I will never in all my life left to me try to justify this thing to anyone. That is respectfully none of your business, no offense, I hope. I paid several steep prices over the two years we were together. I was enough of an outlaw then that this gesture fit my life like a spiritual glove. I am enough of an outlaw now that all stays that way today.

This period of my life, 1998-2001, is one of those...a bucket list item, so to speak. If I had held back, I would have always been a little sick at heart, wondering what might have happened with that special regret of the coward. I had loved that woman from the distance since 1984. I knew but did not know what would happen, if you understand me. I so wanted to ride off into the sunset with that woman, all the time knowing the folly of it. Thank you, Shining One.

What happened next was even better. You know who you are, my love! Now I'm old. No regrets.


  1. Shining ones are always worth the fall - fuck yes..Jae

  2. sounds like this was a great love

  3. Is there such a thing as 'raw romance'? If so, I think this was it.

  4. Most of us have all gone through this honey filled disaster and I am no exception. You are brave to hang your washing on the line and still savor the memories.

  5. The first line reminds me of Steve Holy's "Love Don't Run".

    Beautifully done!

  6. I can see a young Cary Grant playing you! Whatever did happen was a life experience, and you learned from it....

  7. But see how kind people are. How brave am I when I know I can expect for the most part that the disagreeable ones will simply pass on by, perhaps vowing to never read me again...

    I do not lack readers, by the way. I know this to be true.

  8. If everyone was good there would be no literature of significance:}

  9. If everyone was good there would be far fewer opportunities for significant spiritual movement.

  10. Brilliant. But you left me a little disappointed by your need to justify yourself. :p

  11. Then you may never have paid some of the prices that such a life can require.

  12. things are not right and wrong with people and relationships, but people often welcome themselves to judge. i too have dared this judgement. we dare it in our breathing. however, judgement is nothing. living and loving is everything.

    what might we miss by trying to appease others, and even this is impossible.

    (haha! i am on my daughter's computer and have found a way in:)

    you're beautiful without apology))


  13. we all make choices that impact us on more levels than we can ever understand, but in telling the truth to yourself (and those Shining Ones that need to hear it) you can unfold those layers. And in the process unearth the beauty (whether the action was right or wrong) in where it has finally took you.

  14. Beautiful poem. I love the honesty and openess of the poem. Some of the best mistakes we'd make over and over, and never feel an ounce of regret.


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