Monday, August 13, 2012

The Bone Dance

The Bone Dance

I'll lord it over
death, sneer upon its shadow,
rise above the crypt
and dance among jays,
both gray and blue, they calling
out to the dark god
for some protection
from my angry red rimmed eyes
and bones cracked within.

May 3, 2010 4:59 PM


  1. Nice title post ~ I like the image of sneer upon its shadow ~ Intriguing ~

  2. Thanks for recording your visit. Despite the dating of things, I would like to remind my readers that my poems are backlogged. When recent poems don't jump the queue as in my Magpie or 3WW work then I choose the oldest and add to the queue with my newest poems. Most of them appear in comments on other blogs first. The exception comes when I feel like researching my archive (containing more than a thousand posts and poems now) and bringing forward older poems and posts that strike my fancy. Often I upgrade the post. Less often I edit the poem. I still have nearly four hundred poems not yet posted for the first time on this blog. That's why my "new" poems are still dated 2010. If I am reprising earlier posts published on this blog I will always say so if I am true to my own discipline.

  3. This is a pretty good example of sophisticated shape shifting. The poet in this piece is not the me that lives in Gladstone, Oregon. It might be a "me" I once was some untold number of lifetimes ago or even in my own future. Right now I have a very different philosophy concerning death. Of course I have no idea if my current beliefs and commitments are any more correct than these. I am a more or less holy fool.


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