Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Truth

"All men, at one time or another, have fallen in love with the veiled Isis whom they call Truth. With most, this has been a passing passion: they have early seen its hopelessness and turned to more practical things. But others remain all their lives the devout lovers of reality: though the manner of their love, the vision which they make to themselves of the beloved object varies enormously. Some see Truth as Dante saw Beatrice: an adorable yet intangible figure, found in this world yet revealing the next. To others she seems rather an evil but an irresistible enchantress: enticing, demanding payment and betraying her lover at the last. Some have seen her in a test tube, and some in a poet's dream: some before the altar, others in the slime. The extreme pragmatists have even sought her in the kitchen; declaring that she may best be recognized by her utility. Last stage of all, the philosophic skeptic, has comforted an unsuccessful courtship by assuring himself that his mistress is not really there." - Evelyn Underhill in her book Mysticism

According to Wiki, Ms Underhill was a prolific author, a Catholic, but also a Mystic and very popular in her time, as popular as Aldous Huxley in his.

Truth is not what it's cracked up to be, it seems. That's something to remember when someone waxes dogmatic as a Democrat, a Republican, a Buddhist or a Baptist. It appears the truth is really there but is largely a mystery and not easily approachable in any ordinary way. Any. Do I really mean ANY?? ordinary way.


  1. Add me to your soap box. I concur. I agree as much as truth allows....which in small amount, poses as wisdom...until it disappears into the thin air of pretension.

  2. This observation opens the door to the heart as the real arbiter of the whole thing.

    Some 12 step people assert, "I would rather be kind than right!"

    That is right at the heart of the matter, yes, take it out of context and say loving kindness is the heart of the matter. The real context is the next breath, taken in concern and compassion but not in blindness.

    The truth is real but is not a sound basis for living on the planet. If you try you still have to accept the destruction you cause regularly and quite without intention no matter how "perfect" you get, whether you try to live by truth or not. We all have the opportunity to be radical, placing ourselves and each other into the lap of God, into the warm sea of loving kindness, where it ceases to matter so much that we lose all in the end as we go.


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