Sunday, July 17, 2011

To The Sun God

The ducklings of spring (like the boys of summer :D )

You can only be young once. But you can always be immature. ~ Dave Barry

David "Dave" Barry (born July 3, 1947) is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American author and columnist, who wrote a nationally syndicated humor column for The Miami Herald from 1983 to 2005. He has also written numerous books of humor and parody, as well as comedic novels.

It's been wet and cool pretty much all summer this year and friends have been trying to paint but can't because the weather won't let them and they had this volunteer force all set up but too bad! Now I am not a sun worshipper, not like the woman at work who pines for the Arizona desert. But it is kind of time for the sun to bake the land around here. Soon, I think. August is nearly always hot and dry, and into September before the rains begin again. I came to Oregon from California in part for the green, knowing that the green requires soggy ground. My understanding, in the Willamette valley where most Oregonians live, if there were no people this would be rain forest pretty much.

I got a little desperate for sun in the winter of 2009.

To The Sun God

Look, I know you’re not
really going away, not
diving into earth
to decide what’s next.
I know even the longest
night has day after,
but damn! there’s something
to it, how my bones shatter
in the dread of it,
so here am I, Lord
I bow, I ask of You now
Please, my Lord, come back!

December 5, 2009 7:30 PM


  1. The Rain King 7/17/11

    The Sun God could visit
    It would be a nice thing
    We could sit on the patio
    Talk of this,that,and other things
    Reliving days gone bye
    Also days yet to be

    Alas, the Cloud God is camping
    Hanging with his cousin Rain King
    The ground is wet
    The sky is grey
    Brining back to me

    If the sun god could visit
    It would be a nice thing
    Maybe then I wouldn’t have to worry
    About the f’ing Rain King!

  2. Wow!

    The Rain King

    If the rain king saw
    reason, he would suck it up.

    He would head northward
    and settle somewhere
    around Vancouver B.C.
    where he has duties

  3. You almost undid me with the ducklings.

    But I forged ahead! To say: I enjoy this kind of message to the sun. Personable but respectful and all around direct. Though, I would gladly trade you some of the sun around here where we are currently baking AND soggy at the same time, which just seems all around unfair.

    The Captcha to allow me to post this comment is "bonsay". I'm tickled by this. :)


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