Thursday, July 21, 2011

In The Arctic Scene

This seems lighthearted. I wrote it a long time back. I don't think that I was saying anything in some coded way, at least not deliberately. The picture of the hare rolling in the snow is perfect. If you want to read something into it, I don't mind. I have blog friends in Whitehorse and Mendenhall, in the Yukon Territory. That's high up. Either one of these women would be capable of slapping me around a little. I am quite sure of that. And. Winter starts in October in Whitehorse. Some fun, huh? I am down here in the Oregon Territory. We get one good snow a year most years.

In The Arctic Scene

You have pushed me down
asserting yourself with me
though I told you no,
not in this cold snow.
You cover me with blankets
then roll me over
in them and slap me
clean, finish bundling me up,
a rolled up rug boy
in the arctic scene
wondering what you have in
store for me this time.

December 8, 2009 7:37 PM


  1. not with words anyway, I can appreciate your sense of humor Christopher, it's the ugly angry bullsh*t posts, but that is neither here nor there. I mean not here, but out there, there being the interwebbes.

  2. A rolled up rug boy :)

    Tis poem sounds so young. Not just the boy reference. Maybe it is a childhood feeling of mine. I love that photograph!!

  3. That's a perfect example of a cryptic message, Who. In your comment, you have not spelled out what you are referring to in any direct way. I sort of know since it is a conversation we are having that started elsewhere, but no one else can possibly connect the dots here unless they
    1. can and are following very closely all sites we are talking on and
    2. they give a sh*t.

  4. Annie, the poem is playful. I am not sure the games are that young however. At least from this side of things I feel there is an erotic twist that might be a bit more adult, perhaps late adolescent. However, I am only one spectator among many. The poem stands alone and beyond me. Believe me I have never been rolled up in blankets or a rug in the snow and then slapped. It's all fantasy or reality for someone else but not for me. More's the pity.

  5. the hare and the poem and your comments make a wonderful triad... it's so nice how you do this!

  6. *blush*

    and also, sadness, because I don't have enough "bad boy" in me. Women like the bad boys better. There's no point in trying to deny it. What happens, a woman denies the bad boy thing, assures me I am desirable and then also assures me it's not her that's going to pair up with me....

    The actual woman is always someone else who hasn't yet showed up now some 2-1/2 years after I have lost my lover. And now in between there has been serious health changes that just makes the whole thing worse.

    Whine. :D I am okay with things as they are actually.

  7. I would never slap you around, Christopher. I promise! Us northern women are hardy, but we have huge hearts. Me, or Jozien, either of us would be more likely to cook you a hot meal and see you settled comfortably by the woodstove so we could share our stories well into the long dark night.

  8. Ps. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. :) Yes, women are titillated by the bad boys. They make lousy life partners, though. Trust me. I've made that mistake more times than I can count.


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