Saturday, July 23, 2011

Please Soften Me - Reprise

All the ways I have been on this planet...this is one of them.

Please Soften Me

I am the hard earth
packed down by the passing time,
the tread of many
heavy feet, baked by
incessant sun through the days
of my exposure.

I hope your rain comes
to soften me, to seep in,
to loosen my joints,
to wet my dry veins,
to get my heart's blood to move
as it should once more.

First Posted as edited, February 8, 2009
Written sometime before that.


  1. Salted

    Scorched earth, cracked and crazed
    Salted and windswept
    Winter rain far off
    The horizon red
    Soon to be black
    Water flowes or pours
    Filling the planes from horizon to here
    Water the gold and coin
    Life is destructive
    But soon flowers and frogs
    Singing of the miracle
    Life can bring
    After a dry spell

  2. this touches my heart and soul today; last night, first rain in weeks, i felt myself drinking from the sky.

  3. yes, we are in need, aren't we. i see you here inside these lines clearly. i look for me.


  4. Erin it is my hope that you see me. Thank you for claiming so.

  5. Joseph and Harlequin, thank you. Oregon rain, at least in my area is more frequent at this time of year, but August and September will be dry.

  6. When the sweet rain falls

    When the sweet rain falls,
    pulling the pollen down
    licking your parched hair curly,

    your cracked lips swell,
    softening like the thirsty clay
    under your feet, like a kiss

    you’ve waited long
    and lonely years for,
    and can’t quite savour fast enough
    to ever appease that ache,
    that ravenous, infinite hunger

  7. Rachel, I wish I could really express the feelings I get when you engage me like this. I guess I wish this for transparency with all the others, since I think you actually know and act on an inner life very similar to mine. I think we act together because you and I both seem to reply to each other so effortlessly - and then just as easily go off and lead our different and separate lives.

    What a blessing. Just this is worth the whole of the blogging experience. That's what I think.

    Larceny In My Heart

    What is this about
    that you would know my old ways,
    that you curled my truth
    to match my curly
    youth when I'm all straightened up,
    a good and true masque
    for an old actor
    with larceny in his heart
    and a yen for you?

    See how easy that was? God I love it so.

  8. I value this magic too, Christopher, more than I have the words to express. :)


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