Friday, June 10, 2011

The Promise - Reprise

The Promise

Dazzled by the light
Found in the pack God carried
And left at my door.

I asked Him in but He left
Me again, again with gifts,
And look, a promise.
This hand written note says "Peace."

Oh, I am thirsty!

Written sometime before November 18, 2008
First Posted November 18, 2008


  1. Walking hurt, step after step
    He sits, finally
    Hands shaking, Eyes down
    Fuzzy shoe outline blending
    He raises his hand yet again
    He is thirsty

    this thing must be tapped into my mind. The word verification for the day is stedirr, I could see my self spelling a word that way. We agree(me myself and I)that it is much too strangefor an algorithem to do that on it's own, smells fishey.

  2. That's another good poem, my friend, post it on your own blog if you will.

    Ghost, thank you again for all the gifts that you offer me. You are always welcome in my heart.

  3. Driven
    Before in front
    Pulled forward from behind
    Pulled upwards from below
    Driven seems to soft a word
    For what was, is, can be
    Elusive being the softer end
    Crushing being the strong


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