Monday, June 27, 2011

Inversion - Reprise

I say I am here as a Witness. I don't mean this as if I am some special creature given a unique task. I am sure Witnesses are a dime a dozen and in some real sense there is no one who is not a Witness. And yet in the story I tell myself, I am in a lifelong argument with God about some aspect of this life, a focus, as if I have come here sure I will win this argument if I give it due diligence. What amuses me, I am more sure of the plot than I am of the substance.

I am not that sure what exactly I am looking for. When I am at my least mature then I claim I want to declare a world without suffering, that it is suffering that is the sticking point and that it is suffering that should be removed from this life. But that is purely adolescent and ever since I have learned the heavy forgiveness lessons I know that is not really it. But I remain toe to toe and eye to eye with the Creator. Yes, indeed.

Here is a Witness story.


Dropping down from here,
From this single star,
I have come to see your life
The way it really
Is, not the way they
Say you are in the stories.
It's a steep descent,
A quantum shifting
Down for up, charmed for strange, you
For me in this ploy.

I am upside down,
Not ready - such timeless light.

Written January 18, 2009 9:51 AM
First Posted June 22, 2009


  1. Said He'

    You are sideways, I’m upside down
    No, wait
    Sideways is what I am
    Upside down is for you
    Either way the view is off kilter
    You get to dance on the ceiling
    I get to hop over doorways
    Stumbling on the trim I fall
    Through the window into the outside
    The sun is out
    Maybe you could join me
    Instead of just watch

  2. I like your frame of mind within this post Christopher and the words you chose to express your thoughts. I imagine they will strike a chord or two with some readers.

    And for everyone else, they can at least take comfort that their junior detective riddle solving skills were sharp enough to decipher your Height of 5'11" and can fit into a ten and a half W shoe.

  3. He ment...I are on a mission from God...well, on a mission he has given me permission to undertake. I sits here under contract. I could join you if you can talk Him into it :)

    Who, now you are just showing off. :)

  4. Actually I am a dwarf, my height is 4'-10" and my shoe size is 5" as all my real friends well know.

  5. I asked and was told in no un certen terms that if the ceeling was where you dance the ceeling was where you were sapposed to be.

  6. I guess that's why seeing pictures doesn't actually count as seeing it.


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