Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Am Not Sad - Reprise

My Summer Cottage

Many people have come to believe very much as I have in this time. I see this is true by checking in with a variety of sources. Lately I am finding some valuable training that is freely available on the internet. One place, the University of California at Berkeley has hundreds of past lectures, entire college courses, freely offered if only you find the site. This is incredible value. An entire college education for free if you want it. The Shift Network is offering contemporary discussions, interviews with fairly well known people concerning awakening. What these people and I have seen is some kind of agreement with life or with God that is personal and dynamic. This agreement is a power source and leads toward a destiny. I see this very much like the idea of a "calling" or the expression of a unique "talent" as Christians use these words.

That I dare to call myself "God's chosen fool" is an expression of this faith. That I post here is also an expression of this faith. I have been patient with myself in the matter of my destiny. I have thought I was on the way several times, through music, once through a movement, a couple times through love, once in partnership with a mentor I thought would lead us both, and now through the medium of blogging. Blogging may come to nothing. Everything else has. It does not matter. If I am certain of anything, I am certain of that. It does not matter. Within that, paradoxically, something matters very much. What matters is the feeling of being rightly placed my efforts give me. What matters are the friends I have made world wide, Spain, France, England, Persia, India, Australia, Canada.

You see, it is not really the poetry. The poetry is the coin of the realm, neither the source nor the goal. You have to pay to play. That is why I don't overtly display copyright stuff, and freely write on other's sites. These are my offerings. I don't own my money. Neither do I own my poetry. In this way, I am rich and I am an open hearted man.

I Am Not Sad

I shed like a snake
But have no fangs, no poison.
Many lives, long gone.

I slither to the table
And dine in costume as if
I too were real.

I am fantasy, shadow,
God's chosen old fool.

First Posted November 24, 2008
written sometime between Aug and Nov, 2008


  1. I shed like a snake
    But have no fangs, no poison.
    Many lives, long gone.

    As a Snake person myself according to Chinese Astrology, I can so identify with your poem. It was a lovely, early morning find to start my day...

  2. Sadness becomes me 6/21/11

    Through my forest
    Cold wind blowing
    Tempting the few stragglers
    Holding on as if
    Life will flow
    If only
    If only it could
    If only I could stretch
    My winter bare arms in the sun
    Dig my roots into the loamy soil
    For now this cannot be
    The sun is hiding
    The ground is hard
    Waiting for spring
    Spring is not now
    So for now
    Sadness becomes me

  3. Thanks for the UCB tip!

    Also, I don't think your expression of faith is in any way inappropriate. Faith (like so much else) is personal, and you know best how it expresses itself in/for/through you. And you have a remarkable ability to see yourself in all your different shapes, and then share those in a lyrical fashion. Anyone who finds some kind of issue with that method doesn't understand how it works.

    Rare is the snake who remembers its skins, but knows better than to miss them too much. :)

  4. Jinsky, how nice to see your comment. Thank you.

    He ment: I replied on your blog since you posted there too. Thank you for leaving your work here.

    Joseph, my friend. I am sorry I don't get around much. Your poesy is worth a visit and I would recommend you anywhere. It is just that I have to work and more somehow. The old fire is gone. I used to not only write a couple and more a day, and get around to several blogs too. I am lucky to write one or two a week now.


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