Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Black Pepper - Reprise

...and coming into the clearing I spied a vision I had never seen before...and there was the aroma of some exotic and unknown spice. It stung my tongue and my saliva squirted as if it was prey I spied but my heart melted at once and I knew I was lost...
"In reality there has never been a day in our lives (and maybe not one hour or even one minute) when something happened that did not eventually lead to significant results. However, in the onward rush of events it is usually hard to see these patterns." - Manjusvara
When I am in love odd things happen. The world changes in a myriad of ways. I find gratitude in odd places. Sometimes when it is going very well, is very fresh, there is a kind of quality to the light and sound of things, to the feel of things. Only LSD ever came close to this experience of being high and that only twice. I know what it means to be able to say I would die for love. I haven't felt like that since 1999. Before that time I had not felt like that since 1970. What is really cool, the echoes of love are still in my soul. I am so deeply grateful I have never been embittered no matter what happened.

By the way, I loved my wife with a life love and we partnered for nearly 24 years but she never took me, transported me, changed me like this. I am not sure it is wise to marry someone who has this power in your soul. At least for me, the women who changed me like this would not have been good marriage material.

Black Pepper

I hear her. She stirs
Behind the words she wrote down,
Below the sweet rhymes
She made while setting
Her gratefulness in this place,
Declares black pepper
The fruit of her choice,
Asks me to hang a crescent.

This moon's lit by grace.

She defines the space
Near my heart and all this while

She caresses my face.

January 23, 2009 10:47 PM
First Posted July 5, 2009


  1. Chris,
    It is good to come back here,as pepper as her that...i managed to read the backdrop to the poem and again the honesty with which you speak is amazing.....I don't know if i have ever felt love...i have certainly felt like love..and i don
    t know if two people can or should ever bother talking about how there experiences overlap....but i 'm sure in our experiences times when we didn't feel love would strike a is always the empty part of the jug that resonates...

  2. Manik, you are right about claiming the overlap between people. It is certainly there but it is far better to connect from the overlap than to simply try to assure another it is there.

    As for my honesty, it is not so remarkable. I have to breathe in order to live. I have to be honest like this or I will wither and die.


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