Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Core Of Things

I wrote this yesterday in honor of a sweet and very short post offered by my long time blogging friend Erin in her blog called In Search Of White Space. Yesterday there was something wrong with the connection and I struggled to save the poem, let alone fail to post it on her blog as is my pattern. "A clean getaway" was in a song I was listening to, as was the idea of being strong enough now implied by another when I got to there. Those are the sorts of leads I follow when I write.

It felt like I should post it now, so I did.

The Core Of Things

A clean getaway
lies ahead, I hope, after
all the tangled stuff
of my foolishness,
the mire of our strange choices,
the sand of your loves.
I still remember
how bright we were together.
Oh, that stands out, shines
in my memory
as I go my way.
I hope you're strong enough now
to keep a firm hold.

June 17, 2011 12:42 PM


  1. i love this line, "It felt like I should post it now, so I did." your justification (and there is no need for it really, is there?) goes up in smoke. you own this place.:)

    a firm hold, christopher...a firm hold does not exist, does it? but rather, the firmest and most helpful hold must be on acceptance. but i know of this clean getaway. or at least i think i do. i have these moments of absolute recognition of the depth of my flaws (or perhaps only a surface recognition of it) and when i push close to a peaceful/beautiful/almostperfect moment i yearn for release from it all, for surely my next moment will fuck it up. something else lives inside of that willingness to get away clean in that moment too, a surrendor, more important than recognition of my flaws.

    love gives us these moments: peaceful/beautiful/almostperfect. and acceptance, which allows a gap inwhich to recognize beauty. thank god for love and gaps.

    and thank you my dear friend.


  2. Ummm...Erin, I am happy to accept that using language sometimes expresses the heart meaning though the exact usage may speak the impossible.

    "I love you bigger than the moon." is a statement you might not even blink at.

    "strong enough to keep a firm hold" may connect to "strange choices" and "mire" and "tangled stuff" and the "sand to love" in spite of them, all suggesting mental or emotional distress and the world of failed responses to such things and in that context then mean

    "whatever happens now I hope you can be successful in love"

    but that's just my take on the poet. I am not sure what he meant.

    I'm serious. :D

    I am sure of you and your friendship and mine for you.

  3. Thank you my friend. When are you going to come out of the ether? I won't tell anyone :D


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