Friday, February 18, 2011

Pushing Ahead

So I stayed home on Wednesday and got a bunch of stuff done.

One unique experience for me was getting fired by my primary care person, who is a Nurse Practitioner. She decided I was too complex a case, with two kinds of heart trouble and diabetees (though the diabetes is not much).

I drove through to completion, I hope, on my end a refinance of my house.

I have been getting tests done on the rise in anticoagulant levels, and in the last test, the diuretic consequences were checked. Everything is working out fine.


I came down with the grandmother of all viral attacks on my respiratory system yesterday and lost today's work and blog post too.


  1. but don't you know; i always wanted to be a nurse, since i was a liitle girl.

  2. Nothing was lost. There is always the next day, and another adventure waiting as you push ahead. Take care.

  3. Don't fret: they're just words.

    (And words are incredibly valuable after all, but as much more valuable as they are over certain things, certain things are that much more valuable again over them.)

    My word verification for this is "dipawari". It sounds like a Hindu festival that, if it doesn't exist, should be started immediately.

  4. chris,
    the beauty of all things lost is that only you would know ..and we won't...take care....hope you find the lost and invent the new.....cheers

  5. Arse! And that's tight about the nurse, fancy dumping you for being too ill!

    I love that American expression 'a bunch of stuff'...

  6. I'm sorry Christopher. I am so keenly aware of my own body deteriorating in spite of my best attempts. I am wishing you good health and an even better primary care doctor.

  7. Lucy, I don't usually bring them up, but you use the vernacular too. There is a common language between us but at the edges, things get pretty interesting.

    As a related note, I have a friend who is creating a "dictionary" attempting to draw the line between English and German - on this side, common roots in the words, on that side no relation at all. His first specialization was Mandarin Chinese but he also learned German and from his experience feels that drawing this line clearly will ease confusion.

    Annie, I thought my primary care practitioner, an NP, showed good sense. I probably do need an MD at this point. But it means I have yet another Drs. appointment in the near future.


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