Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Song Of The Fairy Ring

Quarks are bound in all but the most extreme temperatures and pressures, and these extreme states are found nowhere outside of black hole event horizons, if there. Here is the trouble with the magic imagination. We can imagine things which violate the fundamental states of matter. I suppose that God can violate the fundamental states of matter by choice at any time. It also seems that He seldom does. He appears to have made a covenant with creation to play by the rules. It would be very difficult for true magicians to succeed where God chooses otherwise.

These cool holy days – days in which the temperatures and pressures of the original state no longer exist.

And yet, and yet how shall I make peace? I seek out the stories and find myself wanting fairies. I want elves in the sense that Tolkein conceived of them. I used to hope for visitors from space. I have never been able to conceive of them as dangerous and cruel. I read an article one time about the total impracticability of war on the interplanetary scale, let alone the galactic scale. I believe that too. So you guys, please come and change everything. That of course is the real yearning, if my world changes enough, maybe pain and suffering are no longer required. I believe in magic because I have to.

Song Of The Fairy Ring

If I fell through you
would I end up anywhere?

(As if this question
leads somewhere I wish
to go or falling like that
would go way out too.)

It is a matter
of quarks bound as they all are
these cool holy days.

May 30, 2009 9:34 PM


  1. "if my world changes enough..." I dream it to, the end of hurt, more so the end of constant striving, the push push push. Will aliens get it done? Who knows, but a nice fantasy.

  2. Hi Christopher :) I am just reading your poems, as i haven't been on the computer a few days.
    I like this one very much. To me it feels kind of like when i think of outer space, the impossibility of it, the fact that we know nothing. I like that feeling of falling.


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