Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Whole Life

This is a poem of an arctic annual, as if my whole life takes places in one short season. There is no time to waste. It all happens now. There is no time. There is no waste. It all happens. Now.

My Whole Life

With seasons so short
what can I do but rush on,
then here you come like
a sweet soft rain. Mist
is no burden to my twigs,
to my tiny buds,
to the pale green fronds
that feed me in this season
that is my whole life.

May 30, 2009 7:53 PM


  1. Lovely imagery here...sweet, soft rain, tiny buds, pale green fronds. Life and growth and promise.

  2. There is a discussion here...between holding to 'now' slowing or ceasing time, and the rush to live, for the season to do so is short. I loved mist being no burden to your twigs. I stopped there, not wanting buds or leaves, seeing dry spindly twigs...and mist or rain or snow, no burden, no siree, for you were living the season.

  3. I am not sure but I think if the season is so short, there is no time for contemplation. At that point if you "drop a stitch" it stays dropped, so if you stop to ponder the philosophy, you have lost your place in the flow of things. It is one thing in a temperate clime to slow down, quite another in the arctic. There are no moments of time off. It is a lesson I think.

    It is one way that the Buddhist "short cut" is revealed, for it can only occur for creatures with enough wiggle room. There has to be enough space and time for the maneuvers that allow for the eightfold path to be effective in the radical change of direction that must occur.

    An arctic annual has no time and takes up very small space.

  4. Time. Time. This is woven into a new language of myself. I'm having difficulty understanding now right now though.

    This is beautiful. If we could all live like this~


  5. Yes, Erin, there are parts of awakening which require a kind of turning inside out or something like that. In science, the issues of quantum physics have been like that for scientists. They often take the arctic solution, which avoids awakenings. If you take an industrious stance, the business dominates and you must rush along, valuing the pace as much as the craft. If you take a stroll through the temperate forest instead (if you in fact can do this) then you have a chance to ponder the wider implications. But you cannot do that and keep the pace up too. Thus many scientists will claim that the philosophers are not really scientists because they have dropped the pace, or in other words stopped doing the business of science.

    There are many on the planet who demand the business or the pace be kept, this too out of their basic natures. You yearn for a slower pace. This proves you are in the minority, not the majority.

  6. You predicted/described the day that i had today. thanks


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