Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Woke Up Today

Sometimes I am just not myself. I may be a little weird. In fact there may be moments when I am full blown batshit. HooHoo…ooahhahhahhah…

I’m all better now. Or not… At this time last year I was still echoing from that three day hospital thing where they put a flexible cage of titanium wire inside my heart’s lower right artery. Holy crap! I’m a bionic gray squirrel, a tree rat, as it were.

I Woke Up Today

How odd to come to
sitting in a seedy tray
wondering, where next?
I have some strange bugs
on me and a curious
hankering to scold
someone, anyone
who dares mess with me today.
Maybe if I place
myself upside down
on that tree with tail twitching
I will feel better soon.

May 17, 2009 12:01 PM


  1. I glad you woke up today. The poem is great.

  2. The idea of me hanging upside down with tail twitching from a big old evergreen, looking at an ivy patch below, is a vision that requires a substantial revision of my presence on the planet. Without a great deal of shrinkage I am more a hippo than a rodent.

    Also I am rather hairless anywhere but on my head. When the issue is baldness, no one told me that aging men lose body hair too. I have not lost much head hair.

    So a hairless overlarge squirrel hanging upside down with ANYTHING twitching is probably a recipe for a rude outcome, especially if I am very high up.

  3. Shades of Kafka's Metamorphosis.

    This is wonderful, Christopher.

    I'm glad though that you're feeling better, unlike poor Kafka's bug.


  4. Curious hankering to scold? Oh me too, me too. But mine is not curious. Mine is loss and need and oh it comes again!

  5. Elisabeth, if you are shape shifting and metamorphosing, I suppose turning into a flea bitten squirrel is better than turning into one of the fleas.

    Annie, I do think squirrels often taunt others. However, there was one squirrel who was down on the ground at a friend's house. There was so much for him to pay attention to, he had forgotten the cat. When the cat rushed him from between our feet where he had been hidden, that poor squirrel had to levitate up seven feet to the nearest branch. He did it, or something like it. When he was up on the branch looking down at that cat, he did not scold, he chuffed, over and over again, trying to calm down. It was a close thing.

  6. better yet :)
    because i am all for equanimity, but i love going crazy once in a while.


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