Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life With Fairies

I have too much imagination. When I was a boy, my dad tried to reign me in. He thought I was too speculative on one hand and too excitable on the other. My wife thought of my dad years later that he walked around with a cob up his butt. I could not disagree. He was stiff and stern and lacked humor in many situations. Actually, he lived with pain in his back. He was a football player in his youth, nearly made pro. He might have had he remained single. He was given the opportunity and a slot on a San Francisco 49ers farm team, but they paid very little in those days. He had a family to consider. He chose to pursue education as a career instead. He was left with back complaints partly from the impact damage. Later he found out he also had an odd back with one extra partly fused vertebra in it. That didn’t help. He also had strong opinions about right and wrong.

He was not much for fairies of the winged variety. He was live and let live as far as I know about gays.

Life With Fairies

I have too many
fairies, a population
explosion of pests-
always asking me
the impossible, that I grow
wings and play with them.
Then they punish me,
tease me that I can't fly
like they do. My heart

May 31, 2009 10:01 AM


  1. I wish I lived more with fairies. Unfortunately, I have always been firmly grounded.

  2. I do love this! I feel like I want to send it to some of the people I love most...

  3. Video et taceo. But, there's no such thing as too many, and wings are always in the last place you'd think to look.

    I wish your heart not to break, but I'm glad that it broke the line like that at the end. Form-wise very nice. :)

  4. Thank you for your comments. I am in a darker phase of my own life. My enthusiasm for many things has waned a little, but I still am active. Right now my bathroom wall is being repaired where water got behind the tile and ate the wallboard.

    I am helping out a friend while he is helping me.

    I lost too much work in this last year and it looks like my boss doesn't trust my health. I am laid off again, and as usual without a clue when I can return to work. I am way too old to be on the open job market. So I won't be, but if I retire it will be to a life very different from the one I currently live.

    I would like to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I may have fairies around, but I need a generous Leprechaun.

  5. Laughing at Annie's comment about your dad. Do you know that I grew up calling him Grandpa Stormy, then when we talked a few years before he died, he told me not to call him that?

    Apparently he didn't consider me his granddaughter. But as for me, my very earliest memory is of walking in a marina somewhere holding his hand.

  6. Patia, I don't think it was what he wanted at that point that governed. I believe that it was a practical matter of lines of inheritance that were at issue, and that kind of attitude on his part was governed by Alyce since it was her family money involved.

    When he was dying Toni and I were told specifically to stay away, and told it was his wish. Neither of us thought that was really real, but that again there was a worry on that side that we might raise a battle over inheritances. Neither of us as far as I know harbored any hope of an inheritance.

    I always felt that at the last dad was basically supported on her money and had been for years. I think it was Alyce who was greatly disturbed by us, not Dad and that he had to toe the line in order to keep his relationship with his daughter Caroline. I am not sure how overt all this was but I am sure that I never really felt welcome in his home.

    He liked to have a relationship with me. We fooled around with computers together because no one in his family cared about them. But when he got sick, the communication shut down and then stopped completely as he lay dying. Alyce was in control of that.

    I would have had to go down there and barge in to be there.

    Your experience is an early part of all that. I think it was the effing money. I don't think he was that mean.

  7. Interesting. Inheritance never even occurred to me. Glad to hear you say you don't think he was that mean. I'm sorry you were shut out in his final days. That's really sad.


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