Monday, November 9, 2009

A Sudden Appearance In Cold Waters

I really need a little shapeshifting just now. Last February it was winter I was escaping...

A Sudden Appearance In Cold Waters

I take my dolphin
shape to cut through life's cold wash.

I am sleek and slick
with tropic waters,
with the sunlit spells you cast
beside the noonday
shoals of tropic fish
near the coast I promised you,
where I keep your hope.

February 25, 2009 8:11 AM


  1. " I take my dolphin shape" ...
    I was struck by the shapes that I take in order to get to the far shore, or the near ride the cold waters, or the hot ones...
    thanks for this reflection

  2. Yes, I write of shape shifting in the large magical ways, reminiscing perhaps on the shape shifting required of me in my emotional life.

  3. Taking shape. Funny how our lives are spent doing this, then changing it again.


  4. I remember that dolphin in early spring :)

  5. Yes, many of these poems will appear again for some of you when I get around to posting them here.

    Love you, Jozien.

  6. This took me right back to Malaysia, where I spent 2 weeks once off a deserted little island, snorkelling as much as I liked, nude, in the warm salty water. I think that's as close as I'll ever come to experiencing a dolphin shape. It also makes me think of legends where humans have become dolphins and swum away carefree, never to be seen again.

  7. I was an underwater guy myself by inclination, but never could handle taking a breath under water, way too much counter intuitive for me. That might be because of my asthmatic and pneumonitis childhood. I was a skilled swimmer and diver, but in the water I preferred under it to all the other stuff. My way would be not to exert myself but instead to glide along.

    I saw something like that the other day, seeing a gull flying around looking for something to eat, how much it looked like work for that gull to gain cruising height. Flying is not effortless in any sense if you have to gain altitude. Without an updraft it is quite like climbing stairs. I am an updraft kind of guy.


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