Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Carried On The Wind

Yesterday, my cat who was dead came alive, resurrected by a neighbor across the street who found her wandering, apparently disoriented, down the block. My cat was so low profile that the neighbor had never seen her and so the cat seemed a stray to her. This was last summer when I thought she had wandered off to die.

So when another former neighbor who did know my cat was talking to this person who now has my cat, he saw a picture of the cat and said it was mine. She came over and offered her back but I pointed out that my cat was doing better with the neighbor than she had with me for years. That’s so because the cat apparently wants to live there and behaves like it.

She never wanted to live here and behaved like it here too so had to live in the garage rather than the house. That was so I could clean poop up off concrete instead of rugs. I am very happy the cat is alive and close. I am hoping for visitation and by no means will I be a deadbeat dad if they will let me pay for things. The neighbor apparently wanted to keep the cat. She seemed okay with it. She was impressed to know she had an eighteen year old cat. I was impressed with how healthy she looked. Of course that was relative to her age. She is senile quite often and we both know it.

Carried On The Wind

Today it was love
that came on the wind
and lifted the skirts of life
in order to make
more love, enough for
tomorrow's need, enough for
you on the mountain,
me at the river,
enough for all the small ones
and the high flyers.

February 26, 2009 8:45 PM


  1. What a story! About your cat :) How lovely she is alive.

    The poem...the words "enough love" Yes. I think it is true -- there is enough love -- even for me here in a valley....


  2. Ah, that is all sooo beautiful,
    everything. It makes me very happy.

  3. I like the idea of love coming on the wind......:)


  4. Such a good tale, thanks for leaving it at mine!

    When we were students a cat appeared. She had a wonky jaw and was thin and black and quiet. My friend adopted her and when we moved flats she came too. Then some people in the former street mentioned to someone we knew who still lived around there that their old black cat had gone missing. When it was established it was the same one, she was offered back but they said they weren't fussed if she was happy. They said she was about 18 and her jaw had been broken as a kitten. She lived about another 5 years! She was an ideal student cat, never needing to go out, happy to eat cheap cat food, and kept ropey old flats free of mice for us - and enjoyed the odd whiff of smoking grass!

  5. Jozien, it is one of the goals in my life that you are as happy as your conditions allow. Whatever I can do from here I will do. :)

    Michelle, I like the idea of love lifting the skirts of life. :)

    Lucy, it is obvious that my cat, Lynn Redgrave Cat (she once had a sister Vanessa) is happier for whatever reason across the street. When Rodney and his wife moved out from next door, there was a revolution in the cat population. Lola and Hellboy stayed behind. Lola went through the back yard one street over to live but spends a lot of time in our backyard. My renter lives in a bungalow back there with her two indoor cats. Hellboy decided to live on the porch across the street. Now my cat has moved inside across the street. Cat migrations. My cat lived here for eight years but has never been that happy here.

    As for your old black cat, she lived longer than my Raggedy Blue who only made 22 years, pushing on 23. But these are both remarkably old for cats. Rags was just about the best of royals, a Red Birman. He loved children with great patience. Everyone loved Raggedy Blue.

  6. love enough for every one/thing; nice.
    trust the wisdom of the cat.... they have access to realms humans only dream of...

  7. Thank you, Christopher, for your gift on my blog.


  8. You're welcome Liz. Thanks for being one of my muses. This is for me the best part of blogging, that I go to your site or some other and am moved by what happens there. It comes out in poetry and usually in new light cast in some corner of my soul. It is obvious to me that as it happens there the poem's first appearance should be there too. I have been gathering some really terrific friends.

  9. Harlequin,

    This thing with cats has been lifelong with me and I have had the great blessing of cat wisdom. I am a better man for it.

    I will however say that for those who care enough, the canines have a wisdom too. They reach a clarity of devotion which if accepted can build a core for a spiritual walk.

    All the four footed possess this, each in their ways, some core of spirit. The winged ones too, for those who know the speech.

    This is very near one door to the heart of the shamanic traditions.

  10. Speaking of terrific friends, hi Michelle.

    I am feeling a bit better in a tentative way that I do not really trust because nothing has changed and I really cannot afford what has just happened to happen again. I really need to change and anchor it in.

    But I am also feeling better because I think that I may be on the right track in a couple ways. I opened to my world and hoped for response. It came. So not only do I feel better but I have a realistic hope that I may find my way to ending this situation with a lifestyle change in some way so it sticks.

    At this point my faith is that God won't give me more than We can handle. I won't be doing it alone. Of that I am certain.

    I have reservations. So what? I have been in this position before. Catastrophising is most often the collapse of the process into one big tangled ball of shit. But even if it is an elephant you can only eat it a bite at a time. Which always works if you keep eating...

  11. That is sweet. Your cat left you and staged her own death, haha! I'm glad she is okay. The poem is truly lovely, too.


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