Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Remedy

I was too deep in health issues to blog til now. Oddly enough this is the next poem in sequence.

Homeopaths call their decoctions remedies and they do so because they believe them to be restoratives, enabling our selves to bring our systems back into balance on their own. Allopaths offer their drugs to directly combat specific symptoms, assuming if you get the symptom out of the way the body can do the rest.

I will be getting an MRI on my back on Thursday.

The Remedy

It doesn't matter
what I believe, or you, or
how the sky reaches
into the farther
shape of space, nor that lemon
scent is present now.
What matters now, we
learn to forgive so truly
that nothing's left out.

February 21, 2009 8:54 PM


  1. I do wonder if the reality of our human body resides outside of our beliefs. I'm not so sure.

    Love and good feely good warm feelings your way. Get well. Be well.

  2. And how not to step on the cracks?

    How, thats all I want to know. How do you do that and know it is done for all time?


  3. Erin, Thank you for your wish. I believe it's an intersection, belief and body. It is not surprising since we are the agents of investigation that we find ourselves in the center of the orders of magnitude of micro and macro. It is also in this position that we look within to inner space and out to outer space. Belief is the ground of inner change and to the extent inner change affects the outer world, belief becomes one of the agents of change in the outer world. Similarly what is ground for us outside us is the ground of outer change and becomes one of the agents of change in the inner world. We live straddling that crack, precisely one of the cracks that Michelle is writing about.

    Michelle, I love you. God lives in the cracks. My world is cracking now. God must be near. :)

    Ghost, you keep offering up these fantasy women. Hoot! (that was my pressure relief valve blowing off.)

  4. God is always near, we just forget in between the needing times.
    I really really wish you were close enough to hug right now.
    I guess you are somewhen....I will send it there.



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