Friday, November 6, 2009

And I Said, I Will

Here is a teaching moment. It is the connection of magic with the heart of the world. At the micro order of magnitude, down around the size of Plank's Constant it is actually difficult to tell which direction is past and which future. The arrow of time is revealed to be an artefact of magnitude. There is no question that the manipulations of magic have to reach into this realm.

Sometimes, as with the tale of Merlyn, mages can live the arrow of time backwards, from future to past.

And I Said, I Will

A mage remembers
both forward and back, standing
here, now, centered in
the land, poised, at rest
but not indolent, he said.

He spoke as we walked
the path I, yearning,
cannot walk without his wit.

Do not, he then said,
keep only yesterday
but keep tomorrow as well,
and I said, I will.

February 25, 2009 8:42 AM


  1. 'but keep tomorrow as well'
    Yes! I like that. Thanks

  2. Abandon all hope of having a better past and then build a new past. Perhaps keeping tomorrow is a radically different behavior when aligned with keeping yesterday. Perhaps forgiveness is essential.

    Yes, Michelle, all forms of attempted escape are doomed eventually.

    Time travel is a required course, meets on Tuesday mornings, 8AM-11AM and Thursday evenings, 9 to Midnight. The instructor to be arranged. 3 cr.

    Jozien, I hope you sign up.

  3. I will. When can i sgn up? I hope somewhere in the future. 'cause when it's in the past, i'll need to take the course first before i can sign up.

  4. Oh damn. Sorry. That announcement was for Dec., 2002.

  5. Shouldn't time travel meet from 11 AM to 8 AM? And then from 9 AM to noon on the same day in a different room? ;)

    There's something wonderfully Billy Pilgrim-esque about this one...

  6. Perhaps there is the risk of sliding sideways into one of the many other worlds if you compress things. :)

    I am fairly sure...what was it Douglas Adams wrote? There is a theory that if ever someone really does figure out the secret of the universse, everything will instantly disassemble and reassemble into a universe which makes even less sense. There is another theory this has already happened.

  7. Tonight you're mine completely,
    You give your love so sweetly,
    Tonight the light of love is in your eyes,
    But will you love me tomorrow?

    Is this a lasting treasure,
    Or just a moment's pleasure,
    Can I believe the magic of your sighs,
    Will you still love me tomorrow?

    Tonight with words unspoken,
    You said that I'm the only one,
    But will my heart be broken,
    When the night (When the night)
    Meets the morning sun.

    I'd like to know that your love,
    Is love I can be sure of,
    So tell me now and I won't ask again,
    Will you still love me tomorrow?

    Gary Goffin and Carol King


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