Saturday, November 28, 2009

Looking At The Hills

I actually wrote this about God.

This reminds me of the pop song going around lately with the lyric

What if God was one of us?

A while back Paul Simon pointed out that God is old. If He’s anything, old is what He is. She? If She, then I might be in trouble here.

Looking At The Hills

One time I saw you
step out completely naked.
You were really old.
This was like looking
at the rounded hills that once
(you told me) were tall
and jagged mountains
fresh from tectonic forces.

I saw you by chance
and did not tell you
I was there. I just backed out,
gently shut the door.

March 01, 2009 9:53 AM


  1. like the hidden
    waiting to be found

  2. Oh snort! Snorty snort even....

    some people might say that about me, I SPIT IN THEIR EYE!


    female thing yeah

  3. It's a good thing you backed away. You know what they say about looking on the face of God and living!

  4. Yes, Jon.

    Michelle, oh yes indeedy, you are much too our young cowboy of cowboy up, cupcake fame might have said, "Rode hard and put up wet."

    You might however try it from my perspective, which definitely has you in a different spot. I am old enough now that you would be a trophy wife. Your grown kids are not the issue, and even grandchildren are ordinary to the likes of me... :)

  5. Yes, Karen. You only survive the process if you are somehow invited and protected, especially with the Goddess. However, as is well documented in Greek and Hindu literature, you can be invited into more intimate positions with Gods and Goddesses than just seeing them naked and still survive. You will however always be changed in permanent ways.

    This is where "God with skin on" becomes a real deal. Hooah!

  6. Chris `~ I like looking at God as this very old fatherly figure that I can come sit in his lap and tell him the secrets of my heart while he strokes my hair lovingly.

  7. Cherie, I never really get that far as you write it. However I have three streams that coincide with yours. I most often call God, Father. I mean that as I was taught, Jesus said Abba, meaning closer to Daddy. I really like to be more clear and think of Grandfather as I have heard of God from some in the first nation. I say of my turning point experience that I "sat in God's lap and saw with His eyes."

    And yet I think in all truth it is the Goddess who moves me most. I look for Her in all the women I meet. I often find Her. That is very good. When I say I love you it is nearly always in mind of the Goddess in you all.

  8. I don't think of god as a person.....

    Now, I must go learn how to shimmy :D

  9. Michelle, I was told God is a term, a word. God as a person is a picture. In Hinduism they say a Puja, a ceremonial in which the names of God are recited. This is a Puja for God as Shiva, for God as Brahma, for God as Ganapati/Ganesh, all the rest. Within each manifest God are attributes and these are Names. These Names can also be Pictures. Kazillions of attributes, Names, and Pictures of God. MahaLakshmi, Saraswati, Durga, Goddesses.

    We say Namaste, thus you and me as well, pictures and names of God.

  10. Yes, exactly. A word. The meaning of which is multi faceted.

    I love the idea of being combed :)

    I will sit with that today and smile....

    Love you


  11. It must be wonderful to see God in the most unexpected of things... I don't think s/he'd be offended, though. It sounds like you were respectful. :)

  12. Joseph it's not Her/Him in the sense of some rule or offense. It is the nature of finitude to the infinite. If you don't have permission somehow, then you are far too "small" (for lack of a better term) to contain even a distant but clear encounter and you will risk your life.

    No amount of temporal preparation can change that gulf. What the preparation does is help in the aftermath. The gulf can only be bridged from the infinite side, and even then there is no way you will stay who you were before the encounter. It may prove to be risky business to encounter God intimately even when you have been invited and don't die.

    While not a completely universal position on the matter, the basics of this position is so widespread as to be basically ecumenical, beyond any specific religion and a part of the human experience of encounter with the sacred

  13. Oh you're in trouble
    this God she is not only a she she's a double
    We have been reading your blog for a while
    and now when your clearly talking about us
    we could not resist to reply

  14. Ho boy! I am really in trouble now. Thank you for manifesting, for rising from the sea of anonymity. I agree, Aphrodite incarnate in twain. I shall keep track of you two, watch my back for your approach. I intend only homage. What else dare I do?


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