Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Inferno - Three Word Wednesday

This week Thom has posted on Three Word Wednesday these three words: Jab; Labored; Makeshift. Go to that site and find other creative offerings using them. Thom has been hosting this site over eight and a half years. Bless you, my internet friend.

The Inferno

I am thus punished
though I have labored, driven
by some makeshift spar
thrust through and through me.
I'm uncommitted despite
all that you have whipped
up like some addled
cream - and within the white bowl
there rests a contract
I signed in my blood
so long ago I forget
who among you urged my pen.
Nothing ecstatic
is mine. Your jab took
all that from my heart along
with my former life.
Like Dante I'll sink
passing some lower Hell's maw
trusting in God's Love.

‎October ‎21, ‎2015 2:06 PM


  1. Replies
    1. Hmmm. I was literally listening to a UC Berkeley Philosophy class discussing Dante's Inferno when I wrote the poem.


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