Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Flying Colors - Three Word Wednesday

Each week, Three Word Wednesday offers up three words, and this is the 451st week that Thom has done so, or at least that is the number that titles the current page. This week Thom offers these three words:

Nondescript; Placid; Quirky.

To which I reply:

Flying Colors

This is too easy,
my friend, even nondescript,
possibly placid,
certainly quirky.

It might be that I wrinkle
up my soul trying
to match your posture,
mimic your forward thinking
pose as you stand still,
barely ruddy red,
instead a pale strawberry
wash - the inside near
the top sliced open -
yet I am redrawn tan sand
in the current flow.

‎October ‎28, ‎2015 6:58 PM


  1. Who wants to blend and fit in - quirky is far more exciting and maybe fulfilling too

  2. I'd rather be a pale strawberry.At least it's different.

  3. A wrinkled soul-- I like that.


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