Sunday, October 18, 2015

Musician's Conundrum - A Magpie Tale

No. 8, Black Flowing, Jackson Pollock

Pollock's work chosen by Tess for this Sunday's Magpie Tales

Musician's Conundrum

You blacked out my score -
globs of gelled ink.

I heard you
on your mandolin
fade in - you pushing
though I stopped my ears.

The guys
in my band went south
leaving me stranded
as so commonly they've done
in the pink and blue
highlights these damn days.

I struck up some tune in what
I thought the right key
and they all scattered
tossing the music aside
leaving me solo
even though I have
made it clear I hate being
on the spot like that
with you.

‎October ‎18, ‎2015 2:09 PM


  1. the last three lines said it all for me!

  2. Yes, I can "see" the music in the prompt. Well done.

  3. Replies
    1. Through the whole posting process I was listening to a particular group of spectacular musicians.

  4. "in the pink and blue highlights these damn days." Awesome. I really liked this. Well done. :-)

    1. You put pink and blue together to enrich human faces in stage lighting. This goes along with the other images from that realm in the poem.

  5. and another one, like that i a've got something going Christopher. children songs with an cheeky twist

  6. I like that you see music in this...hope the band gets back together...

  7. globs of gelled ink--love this.
    Great last 4 lines.


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