Sunday, December 8, 2013

Too Damn Old

Wordle 138 offered by Brenda for The Sunday Whirl. She got the words, she says, from last Friday's Jeopardy game show.

Too Damn Old

I sped in pursuit
of Venus, wild and cruel,
beloved by those
who felt just like me.
No cash or prison scrip pays
my way to the lens
I need for my left
eye and my cloak all striped
and marked by fate
got caught in her screen.
I must skirt the goods she put
inside my front door.
What will I become
by next Tuesday at this rate?
Could be I will croak.

‎December ‎8, ‎2013 10:27 AM

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  1. More fool you if you are pursuing Venus. Nothing will come of it as she is not to be trusted. She only fell in love with Adonis when her son Cupid left an arrow about and she was pricked by it. So what is your excuse?

    1. Oh well... best gig of my life was the one that started with me saying, "Christo, this is really going to hurt!" The next two years went by with me at the top of my game. I appeared the fool all right. I was told that in several ways. I guess if I think I am at the top of my game and look like a fool then I have found my place :D

  2. ....and then they long last, and too soon.

  3. I really love this! "Could be I will croak" - delightful...there's no fool like an old fool (I speak from experience) and what's wrong with that? Good stuff Christopher.

  4. Meant to leave my link in case you are so inclined and that's when I noticed your signature line...giggle...your puns are worse than mine, I think...


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