Friday, December 6, 2013

False Colors

A false color view, taken near infra-red.

Just Like I Have

You may have this hole,
not with these brambled edges
but with other shapes
and tangles, other
pains and wailing bad corners
that you hide away
or else show the world
in false colors, tales within
a wash of gray truth.
Perhaps a single
moment, or a lifetime's run
but a cage, a cage.

Written August 31, 2010 9:20 AM
Modified December 5, 2013


  1. A cage indeed, yet somehow - no matter how close the bars - we manage to convince ourselves when we refuse to awake that we see all, and that illusory all is reality.

    1. It is obviously not required that we all wake up. Most don't seem to, no matter who's eyes you look at the view from. We all agree that most of us seem to be asleep even if we think we are awake. The world goes on. Maybe not much longer, but I imagine people felt the same at other times, say in 1943 for example.

      The devastating effects of illusion appear to threaten annihilation more than they cause it, though there is no question that these effects do cause great damage. And yet the damage is not enough to force response. People cling. People refuse to find the way out.

      It is equally obvious that there is a way out. But even people who know of it refuse to go. There is a signal in that I think. What we say is a cage is somehow necessary and desired. The freedom is shunned. Can this be sourced in shortcoming? Perhaps instead it is somehow required of us to stay caged up. It is after all required of babes to stay in the womb or the egg or hidden from the mainstream or whatever. Perhaps it is this kind of signal. Perhaps the few who are ready actually do break out or at least try to. The rest stay hidden away. That is not exactly safe. However the nakedness of a long passage in the freedom of what we call enlightenment could be even worse for most of us.


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