Wednesday, December 4, 2013

At Emergency, 3:40 AM - 3 Word Wednesday

Thom writes:
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This week's words:

Brief; Expose; Insist

At Emergency, 3:40 AM

It's always the same
no matter how damn unique
my path is this time.
I can say it brief
or dance in the dark, expose
myself to shadows
and insist that you
read about the great white whale
as I pound the deck
with my wooden leg.
You of course refuse at will
such dark heaviness
and I at that point
howl it out again,
yes, all over again, same
old watery words.
But this time, I wail,
It's all different this time.
My eyes go all crossed.

‎December ‎4, ‎2013 6:46 AM


  1. Some emergencies are like déjà vu..however hard you try to make them different..

  2. It feels how you're overwhelmed by the responsibilities and frustration being helpless to stop the pain and emergency of life called you to help with...~ strong write! blessings!

  3. i like this a lot, i am there too, i should hate it, dancing in the dark


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