Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Knot

Alexander deals with the Gordian Knot.

It was said that the king who could solve the Knot of Gordias (left in place by Gordias' son and successor Midas - presumably not the Midas of the gold) binding the Phrygian satrapy of the Persian empire would become the Emperor of Asia. The myth has it that Alexander solved the knot in one version by cutting it apart and in another by creatively thinking outside the box to undo it. That is why these days the Gordian Knot is often used as a metaphor for a problem that appears to have no easy solution.

The Knot

The wind makes a sound,
a blood red draft of the world
I hear in the room
I rent below ground.
Don't be combative, you say.
You represent spin
from both left and right,
both sides now rather sluggish,
fat from the feast held
after the tangle
was undone, knifed, sliced apart
at certain key points
like Alexander
cut the knot of Gordias.
I'm distressed because
I'm forced to horn in
these drab and chill greased up days
to comfort the Gods.

‎December ‎18, ‎2013 9:07 AM

Written for 3 Word Wednesday


  1. The wind is a powerful force indeed. Happy Holidays!

  2. Yep the winds through the gorge can be a force as I live in that runnel near the river of the great divide! Good write


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