Sunday, December 22, 2013

Before We Go - A Magpie Tale

Madonna With the Milk Soup, 1510, Gerard David
Offered by Tess at The Mag: Mag 199

Before We Go

The God not quite made,
too young yet, still fed on milk,
the turned wooden bowl
taken from the cat
for this breaking of His fast -
I need a guide book
or some minty paste
to shine up my new found aims -
I would go to church
with you if you would.

They have shut the doors to keep
the goats out. Donkeys
tethered near the snakes
hatching in their dug up den
see me hide my tithe.
We've been told to sit,
all wrapped up, round with passion,
perfumed with spices,
keeping the faith clean
and fresh faced no matter what
tales fly out the gate.

‎December ‎22, ‎2013 9:06 AM


  1. A very nice vision along with smells and I felt like I was there! Thanks!

  2. very good- love the last two lines!

  3. The tales that fly out the gate fascinate me too.

  4. One more of Magpie Tales! Lovely :)

  5. Such a clever and wise write.
    Anna :o]

  6. They have shut the doors to keep the goats out...such a powerful 2014 to you Chris...

    1. *smooch* & *hugs* and an optimistic 2014 to you as well. May we continue to know something of each other.

  7. Thank you, all you good people. May we all find our optimism realistic this year.


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