Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Life's Hard, Then You Die

An owl could not see the glass and didn't even slow down. The negative is left behind because birds oil themselves.

It is in the nature of bird sight that glass is invisible to them. It is in the nature of bird brains that they cannot learn their way past this invisibility. It is in my nature to be a poet. What is it I cannot see? All of it breaks my heart.

Life's Hard, Then You Die

I can't believe how
tough this thing gets after all
the work's said and done,
like that dumb feather
brain splitting his beak against
the window again,
get it? Again! Like
learn, damn it. Nope. Not any
time soon, broken neck
sooner than that. Some
things just don't compute of you're
a bird or for that
matter a person

‎December ‎23, ‎2013 9:06 PM


  1. There have been times when I have held a bird in my cupped hands to keep it warm, whilst it recovered from the shock of flying into one of our windows. Such joy when it moves its head about, and then flies off. Whether those birds ever learned from their experiences, I don't know; probably not. I pray I never cease from learning from mine. Best of Christmases to you, Christopher.

  2. Aw, poor wol.

    Happy Christmas Christopher dear.

    1. I had to think a minute to figure out what "wol" was. :D*


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