Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Gift - A Magpie Tale

"Young Woman Picking The Fruit Of Knowledge",
Mary Cassatt, 1892
Offered by Tess Kincaid on Mag 167
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The Gift

Do you know comfort
as you give it to me, love?
Look at you among
the trees, the spring green
trees, the snowing cottonwoods
that frame you so well
and frame your secrets
that light your face - how you shine.
You call me your dad,
your adopted dad,
me that old these days, and you
not so young either
but still at the river
at the edge, damp shoes and all
and love, you give love.

May 5, 2013 9:22 AM


  1. Tender yet stirring. Perhaps the word "wistful" might apply.

  2. This offering is a gift to your readers.

  3. Love is a two way giving/receiving... :)

  4. I love the paternal love and tenderness in this poem. Full of love and adoration!

  5. This is such a soft and tender portrait of your dear friend ... love is apparent here, given back as sweetly as it's received.

  6. frame your secrets
    that light your face - how you shine

    That's the lovelight, perhaps?

    1. Goodness, Caddoc- you here? Can't I get away from you for a minute?

  7. Thank you all. I am happy to have your comments. Yes, I wanted to point out a different variety of relationship here. I do have one like this, where we are hardly interested in taking the relationship anywhere but we are very close. How to depict such intimacy? I may have succeeded. Like all such experiences, the subtleties may not survive the insights of others who are distracted by their own loves, their own lives.

  8. After reading your comment and then rereading your poem, how lucky you are to have such a special relationship!

  9. I loved this piece...shared it with four wonderful fathers who have lovely daughters. Simply lovely. You have a beautiful heart. This ramblinrose is thankful you choose to share it!

  10. "me that old these days." The markers for this come with greater and greater frequency! Beautiful poem Christopher. I don't like the painting. It confuses me and I hate to be confused :)

    "frame you so well, and frame your secrets" - best line!

    1. I can see Ms. Words why that painting might confuse you. It is very impressionistic except for the maiden's head. She is probably intended to be virgin. (maidenhead). "and frame your secrets/that light your face" I like that line too. It also refers to the maiden's head.

  11. Robyn and Ramblin, thank you for visiting and leaving sign.

  12. i loved your piece this week...beautiful x

  13. This filled with warmth and tenderness love it


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