Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Word Verification

I am going to do this:

Dear Readers.

I do not keep word verification to irritate you or stop your comments. I keep word verification because once the bots locate your blog they don't let go. I posted one post in particular years ago. It referred to the WWE, a professional wrestling organization. That apparently was a keyword in a sweep performed by a particular bot and I started getting back post comments from it all over my blog that offered sites to readers that I did not approve. I know it was this post because that stuff stopped when I removed it. Then I got more bots hitting the blog and noticed some others hitting people I visited. I felt that it all might be sourced in my blog. So I got word verification and even the stuff on other blogs stopped.

I've been getting over ten thousand site accesses a month for a year, peaked at over thirteen thousand recently. I have no idea who touches my site but I guess that some of them at least aren't human. You have to ask yourselves why Blogger would do this word verification if it wasn't needed. To maintain the system requires at least occasional attention. That costs money where we don't pay for Blogger at all.

Instead of complaining, it might be better to be grateful that the system in place works so well and offers a kind of training of the eye to us that apparently most of us can accomplish. I initially had trouble and now I don't reading the word verification challenges. I will be sixty-seven in November. If I did not keep the word verification then all this would start up again. I feel that keeping myself off the bot grid helps us all.

That I had to remove the offending post hurt me because my uncle was a professional wrestler and the post was about him. Having a bot chase you away from personal history is not fun. My posts are varied and bring material in from all around the internet because I use so many images I find through Google. Recently I lost a computer, an all in one by Lenovo, to internet damage. It wasn't robust enough to survive the malware without getting scrambled while this HP running right beside it is. I had Norton and Malwarebytes running on the Lenovo but that didn't matter.

I only write about my computer death to point out how toxic the internet really is. Be grateful your computer is robust. You get crap passing through every day. If that freaks you out, then consider some kind of Linux internet driver or even better, get a Mac. I have to stay IBM PC because I am an AutoCAD user.

Rant over.

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  1. Fuck um if they cant take a joke...word verif was a pain in the ass, tthen it got almost impossible ...now it is moving back twards a pain in the ass. I say that before I have to do Christopher ' s word verif, maby he has added some philosophical twists to the almost undecipherable letters with a random number most have....if you see this it means I have survived :-)


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