Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm Begging You - A Magpie Tale

image courtesy of Tess at The Mag, "Black Dog", Zelko Nedic

I'm Begging You

What will solve this thing?
Bad ideas are scurrying
out of their dark lairs,
offering themselves
as weird next options and me,
I'm asking please please please
take me outside now.
I promise to be good.
I won't kill another cat
or chew on your shoe.

July 29, 2012 11:48 AM


  1. I like the voice of the dog ~

  2. listen to your dog. He is your best friend...

  3. i would take him outside just because i dont want a doodle on the floor...and my cats could probably outrun him...haha

  4. I love the sense of urgency you have created here, Christopher. I think dogs are last minute communicators and their behavior always feels so urgent. Thank you for sharing this great poem.

  5. A cat hunting dog? What a useful fellow... LOL

  6. Yeah, yeah, I believe you. But the cat's not so forgiving.

  7. Oh dear. Bad dog, bad dog!

    Have you see the Disney film: 'Up'.
    They did a delightful animation with the dogs....

  8. Christopher, there was a sweetness to the end of this poem, revealing who is talking. The promises made me smile. Thanks, Amy

  9. Go on - take him out! He has said please...

    Anna :o]

  10. who couldn't forgive him?....xx

  11. I liked this. What a question, eh? What will solve this thing? Begging? Cooperating? Bargaining? My dog ran away last week. I do believe she's gone for good. There'll be no solving now.

  12. Oww! Annie, that's no good. My heart hurts...

  13. Dogs make promises too. Love it!

  14. I'm sure dogs make promises, but do they keep them?


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