Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In The Wheat Field - 3 Word Wednesday

Thom writes:
Each week, I post three words. You write something using the words.

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This week's words:

Feel; Shade; Tangle

By Vincent Van Gogh

In The Wheat Field

Where I stand the sound
Echoes a copper hollow
I feel in my bones
and the shade of things
is ill defined in the hum
this brier tangle
offers me as truth.
Where I kneel the keen reedy
whine of a tight wire
slices through silence
with a ruby laser blade,
no lie. Divided,
I fall at your feet
in halves of love, twinned and drained,
my boast before you.

July 18, 2012 8:49 AM


  1. Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists, and you have done him justice.....beautiful words

  2. the 'red ruby blade' made me think of Dorothy overcome in the field..was it poppies..the intensity in the picture is captured so well in your words..brooding..and the wheat like a copper hollow..jae


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