Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not Good Behavior

Not only does someone else have the bamboo and ivy situation I do, they have the gremlins I have too.

I have ivy living at the base of bamboo. Who the hell did that?? They both love to spread. Also in the ivy in two different places in my yard I have had to take out yellow jacket nests. They really like to live under ivy. I have one kind of ivy but two different kinds of bamboo.

This stuff came with the house when my mother bought it. She bought the house to get old in. She succeeded. When she died I bought my sister out and sold my old house because this one has a rental in the back yard, roofs tied together with a breezeway to keep the worst of the rain off the backyard tenant. I have the income, and also the doubled property tax of a duplex in a neighborhood zoned for duplex.

I am really itchy (grass allergy) in bamboo. The dust of ivy makes me sneeze when I work in it. Alot. But at least it doesn't make my immune system go haywire. So here's an old poem of mine I have posted before using the image of the ivy.

Not Good Behavior

Like ivy clinging
I will not let go of things.
When I'm pried away
I let loose this dust,
To make you sneeze your brains out.
Then I wilt, despair.

This is not good behavior.
I'm a little bit ashamed.

Written November 25, 2008
Last saved 10:20 AM
First posted February 24, 2009

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