Saturday, December 31, 2011

What I Would Do


On this New Years Eve, 2011 the neighbor cat named Hellboy and I join in wishing you and yours a fruitfuytgytgytgytgytgytgytgytgytgytgytg (that was Hellboy stepping on my keys) fruitful 2012. May all the naysayers come to naught. May we in the US get the President we deserve.

I am currently in eclipse. I am hopeful the light will return.

I awoke this morning and on my Facebook, Michelle was wishing Happy New Year and I realized something. Michelle lives in Australia. As it hit midnight last night at the International Date Line it was January 1, 2012 there and so it was in Australia where Michelle lives. January 1 is coming to us hour by hour as it moves across the planet, as the planet revolves around the poles in its orbit, winter here in the north and summer in the south. Thus in Australia, Christmas and New Years Day take place in the long and the heat of summer. So also in Buenos Aires in Argentina. We do not all experience the same.

So in my life it is unique in many ways and yet the same in others. There is no doubt a northern and southern hemisphere in my life and an International Date Line too. Also in yours.

What I Would Do

I would reach far out
beyond the wrap of matter
into the quaking
gap of almost not
ever here again to try
to tell you the truth.

I would spin within
the celestial dream of time,
spin on the point blank
sweep of light, of light
that plays your face in shadow
and in hues of love.

I would hold with you,
keep the faith with you and yours,
leave nearby my heart.

February 13, 2010 3:37 PM

Calling In The Year


  1. Simply beautiful .... Happy New Year Christopher.

  2. christopher, it makes me question time and definition all together, to think of time moving like this, coming to us all so differently.

    i wish you all the very best.

    i woke this morning with these words on my tongue, oh, tomorrow the angels will come. i said these words, or at least thought them. and then i opened my eyes and started thinking. at first it was light, imagining the real people who i might have been referring to (i wrote of James as an angel just before i went to bed last night, my children come home tomorrow, my ex and his girlfriend come as well) and then things got hilarious. could i have meant my ex and his girlfriend? ha! and then things got sobering as i considered, perhaps one of us will die. and then i thought out into the void of endless possibility. and all of these things exist as the possible, the light, the redemtptive, the rejoining, the hilarious, the frightening. this is how we go into this next year, leaving the one behind us in gratitude.

    i am grateful for your continued friendship, christopher.


  3. Currently in eclipse. Well put. Exceptionally well put.


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