Thursday, December 29, 2011

Might Be I Took A Wrong Turn

"I took a wrong turn," said Brother Rabbit.

Might Be I Took A Wrong Turn

The hare of friendship
cannot find me because dark
rime from the rubber
sprayed slush coats my paw
and I clench and clench it up
from age old habit,
sure I am the one,
the very truthfully right
hare all alone here
on the night spread road
of my fearsome destiny
so I breathe and pray.

‎December ‎29, ‎2011 7:33 PM


  1. ...and breathe and pray. But sometimes the 'very truthfully right' ones of this world are alone in their own righteous company. ;~D

  2. And who judges such a risk? And when? And who is impressed? And is this the hill of one's own demise?

    It's all questions and faith at this point, isn't it?

    So who is this courageous? And to what end?

    The force of the singular moment, the singular vision, however compelling, fades in the juggernaut of time. That fading away leaves only the vow and the inertia of motion behind - sometimes a rather thin gruel.

    We can't all be Steve Jobs. And even Steve had to leave Apple at one point, forced out.

  3. Well, you work a lot faster than me. I do like this one, though.
    Thankyou for the offer, but if its all the same to you I won't join in, at least not now or in the near future. Starting again to Participate in 3ww exhausts all my literary output at my current ability.

  4. I just like how I started with a reply to you, then found the photo and it changed my poem even more, so that what I left with you is now an older and I would consider obsolete version. Hand turned into hare. :D

    Once again I have shifted shape.

    It crosses my mind that you might feel uncomfortable now and I hope not. I wuz jes playin.

  5. Oh yes, G.Graham. Please do not belittle your poesy in any way. I thought it was fine.

  6. i loved this one.... the image brought it together for me....
    thanks for another thoughtful poem.

  7. Harlequin, sometimes I think many of the poems do not stand alone in this venue. I had a version of this poem written without the rabbit. Then I saw the picture and replaced the relevant words to bring rabbits forward.

    Hare is a single syllable and in my poetic frame one and two syllable words fit best. Hare appears in the poem twice, the "hare of friendship" was first the "hand of friendship". "Paw" was "fist". The second "hare" was "one". See how changing three words changes everything?

    The reach of the poem is directly into the image. I think this poem may not stand without the image.


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