Thursday, December 8, 2011

He Writes Gold Rings

He shall remain nameless. I shall not embarrass him. It is sufficient to say that I learned this principle as a small boy watching a movie called "The Fastest Gun Alive." There is always someone faster, better, wiser, richer, more this, more that. Always. Well, not always... That might keep you going.

Directed by
Russell Rouse
Produced by
Clarence Greene
Written by
Frank D. Gilroy
Russell Rouse
Glenn Ford
Jeanne Crain
Broderick Crawford
Russ Tamblyn
Allyn Joslyn
George J. Folsey
Editing by
Harry V. Knapp
Ferris Webster
Distributed by MGM
Release date April 12, 1956
Running time 89 minutes

He Writes Gold Rings

I have this young friend
who writes gold rings around me,
that contain my wool
as it unravels,
as I spin yarns of my own.
It’s all true, hollers
this wild eyed magus
as he is contained by gold
sliding down his form.
It’s all true, whispers
the world of my amazement
as I shiver, golden.

January 28, 2010 7:43 PM

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