Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reality Sucks

Yesterday my body put me in emergency, the outcome was to diuretic about forty pounds of water off me so my symptoms will recede and also to investigate whether my sleep is disturbed by the basic conditions of apnea. I don't snore, I am almost positive. But my breathing is really shallow, trained by difficult times with chronic allergies and viruses messing with my breathing tubes. So it may be that I have that too. If the machine works for me that may help me live better too. Oddly, I don't think I sleep poorly given my conditions but the doctor gently corrected me and assured me that being unconscious is not necessarily sleep. That's when I pointed out that I am up every couple hours no matter what because of the way my body has aged. So I am not sure how this all works out.

Then today my healing former molar that is now a hole in my lower jaw popped a gasket and started bleeding heavily. That started two and a half hours before I could get in to the dentist. No biting on gauze stopped it. When the dentist uncovered it he said he had never seen the like in all his practice. Swell. We agreed to not open it up and return the site to brand new again but to attempt a plug. I at least am not in too much pain but just yesterday I had this surgery checked to be sure it was okay. It was doing fine then. It was doing fine this morning. It did fine when I chewed some gum, carefully, to keep my mouth from drying out this morning. It did fine at lunch when I ate my normal lunch. It has done fine for nearly a week. It did fine til three o'clock, then some tissue popped out of the center of the socket and a fountain apopeared there. So far the plug we have attempted is holding, just about three hours.

Why me?? Reality sucks. Bummer. Oh yeah...why not me?


  1. That's a bi$#h Medical issues and dental issues and sleep issues oh my. I'm with you on two of the three.

  2. Bummer indeed. When we get dumped on by the Universe, it usually does a grand job while it's at it, eh? All best healing vibes I beam in your direction...

  3. I like your last line, it's not a question most people ever ask. Shit happens.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. I'm sorry Christopher. Shit happens. Sucks worse when it happens to us. You've a strong spirit and square shoulders. You'll come through. I pray it sooner than later.


  5. Everything went to hell in a handbasket. The plug blew out. I had mouthfuls of blood but kept working because I am under the gun there too. Then I intended to get some help and everyone has shined me on. They don't have time for me today. But the pain has subsided to easily manageable and the blood flow has slowed almost to a stop. Maybe it's over. Eff them, the bastards.

  6. That was great fun, my friend. A very strange music vid. Thank you. That went up on facebook.


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