Monday, May 2, 2011

Decapitation - Reprise

Irene, Greek Goddess of Peace, with Baby Plutus, God of Wealth

Irene, Greek Goddess of Peace, with Baby Plutus, God of Wealth, Sculpture, Image

Irene was the goddess of peace (eirênê) and of the season of spring (eiar, eiarinos). Late spring was the usual campaign season in Greece when peace was most at risk. Eirene was one of three Horai, goddesses of the seasons and the keepers of the gates of heaven. Her sisters were Eunomia (Order or Good-Pasture) and Dike (Justice).

She was probably identified with the Hora Thallo (Green Shoots), whose name Hesiod gives to Eirene as an epithet in the Theogony. Her opposite number was Polemos (War). In classical art she usually appears in the company of her two sister Horai bearing the fruits of the seasons. Statues of the goddess represent her as a maiden holding the infant Ploutos (Wealth) in her arms. In this guise she was identified with Demeter and Tykhe.

I was just asked to clarify myself in matters of crime, punishment, justice. This is so very difficult. Mostly I stay with mercy and love, with forgiveness. My experience is that justice is seldom achieved on the planet, at least not as meted out by men. Not on fields of honor, not in the courts, certainly not on the battlefield.

I saw an internet video of a snake head, bodiless, a viper, who was still trying to defend itself as it died not so quickly. It broke something inside me.


If I was a snake
With just my head left because
Evil took the rest,

I would snap and snap, fading,
Hating, calling on my God.

I would possibly
Ask for vengeance, possibly
For peace, forgiveness.

Written October 1, 2008
First Posted December 10, 2008


  1. Perhaps receipt of evil has stages, like those of grief. Vengeance certainly being one. Hate. Forgiveness. Peace. Death.

  2. When I saw that video of a snake head still alive but lacking all body and how it was responding, I had my axis of evil shaken. It was a pit viper and still dangerous for sure, but it was certainly dying and certainly really upset at what had just happened to it. Evil? Dangerous does not equal evil.

  3. But Annie, it is definite that evil has stages just as grief and illness do. In fact a strong case can be made for certain evils that they are illnesses of a special order. M. Scott Peck wrote an entire book to argue for that point called "People of the Lie".

  4. No Dangerous does not equal evil. Evil can pose as safety, as a parent, as a haven. Evil is a shape shifter who wears dangerous eye shadow. I'll check out the book!


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